Find/download Trails For All Trail Summaries written by the people who hike and help maintain the trails.

Donate Now

Trails for All is always looking for ways to improve the trail experiences of all of our followers.  We have many volunteers working hard on trails, at their homes, or at scheduled events, but we also do need to invest in tools, publications, and sometimes technical professionals.  Your donation will help us continue our efforts.

Volunteer Log

Having a very clear understanding of what time and resources our volunteers are investing in our organization allows us to plan better for the future, as well as communicate to our partners and supporters.  Please fill out a log entry for each event you support.

Newsfeed and Feedback

Our Facebook account is used by Trails for All personnel and our followers for routine communications regarding trail conditions, progress made during work sessions, and general comments regarding things to do or see on the trails.  Please note this is crowd-sourced info, so please use the information found here with discretion.

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