Volunteer from Anywhere

You can still do vital trail work, even if you can't get out with a saw to clear downed trees.

Trails are worth talking about! That's why we're looking for volunteers to help communicate what Trails for All is up to. With as little as an hour a month for just three months, there's a job you can do (from anywhere) to help us keep Wet Mountain Valley trail lovers connected and informed. Take a look at the list of tasks below, find one you like, and then email us at trailsforallinfo@gmail.com. We'll get in touch with all the details!

Great communications doesn’t depend on one person. Clearly defined tasks with small time commitments can keep the Trails for All story in front of the community every week. These roles can be filled separately by individuals, or combined for someone willing to take on more.

Event Central Intelligence (1 person): Gather and track all event details: description, date, time, contact/registration, other details of all events (Qualities: Behind the scenes, detail-oriented, willingness to keep this section of online communication plan up-to-date)

Time Commitment: 30 minutes/event (Total depends on # of events)

Story Collectors (2-3 people): Collect 1 story/month or quarter from list generated by group (Qualities: good listener, curious, enjoy writing, able to schedule an interview and meet a generous deadline — training and template available)

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/story (maximum: one story every other month)

FaceBook Moderators (2-3 people): Post 1x /week with a picture and content generated by group, also check feed/respond 1x/day, 3-4 days/week (Qualities: Enjoy and understand FB platform, committed to a courteous & optimistic social media tone, eager to respond with accurate info, reliable with a low time commitment, willingness to keep online communication plan updated)

Time Commitment: 30 minutes/week (or more if FB sucks you in :-)

Trail Tip Researchers (1-2 people): Find and collect

vital data, safety tips and pertinent links to inform public about trails safety, smarts, etiquette, etc. (Qualities: Enjoy research and education, ability to verify information for accuracy, willingness to upload to online communication plan)

Time Commitment: 1 hour/month

Photographers (1-100) people: Amateurs and pros who already have quality digital photos of Wet Mountain Valley trails and trail activities -- or willing to capture TfA in action, politely ask for permission to use photos, and provide files for use (Qualities: Enjoy photographing and/or snapping candids of scenery and people that capture the feeling of the moment, ability to upload electronic files to online communication plan in a timely fashion)

Time Commitment: 1 hour/event

Managing Editor and Web Master (1): Responsible for editing Google doc Comm database, compiling monthly eNewsletter, posting information on the Website and maintaining accuracy of online information. Coordinates with volunteers and website designer for expansion of the site’s functions. (Qualities: Behind-the-scenes, strong writing background, comfort with technology, online design and writing for the web, detail-oriented, committed to staying in communication with entire team)

Time Commitment: 4-5 hours/month

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