Trails for All is a grass-roots, all volunteer effort to improve peoples’ well-being through the care, creation, use and promotion of trails in and around Custer County Colorado. 
We believe that trails contribute to a higher quality of life in at least seven ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, aesthetically, spiritually, relationally, and environmentally. 
That’s where we’re going, and we hope you’ll come with us!
About Us
2019 Trails Master Plan

Our 2019 Trails Master Plan reveals the purposes, values, and hopes of Trails for All.  It calls us to be a part of something big: the quality of life for those who make use of trails. Trails make our lives better physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, aesthetically, spiritually, and environmentally.  The Master Plan, and all other organizational documents, can be fount here.

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